Needing a freshen up? A single room, your whole home, your AirBnB? e:Design is a great way to save time and money while we create your perfect ambiance and get those 5 star ratings rolling in.

Staging properties can make all the difference for a fast sale or rental.  We design and install the perfect setting for showing off your property ... both indoors and out.

Make the most out of your outdoor space. We take the indoors out - creating the illusion of larger living areas while appreciating what Mother Nature has to offer.

What’s the difference between Interior Design and Staging? The simplest breakdown is the latter is temporary and staged for a sale or rental, the first is a more permanent make over for your rooms, home, and your AirBnB.

Either way …It’s all about you! How can we stage a home to attract your ideal buyers with an over-asking offer? We have a great track record on that. How can we create the perfect aesthetic for your living space taking into account your family needs, your personal style, and within a budget? We make all that work. How can we maximize your outdoor area whether it’s a garden, a patio or postage-stamp balcony? We learn what your preferences are in everything design (!) which may mean creating you an easy to keep up outdoor herb garden for your cooking or perhaps create you an outdoor office. It’s all about you. Our role is understanding what you want and making it come together and be fabulous.

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